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The United Transit Leadership Organization (UTLO) is joining leaders in New York City Transit, MABSTOA, MTA Bus and MTA Headquarters.

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The United Transit Leadership Organization represents collective bargaining units within the New York State Metropolitan Transit Authority representing Deputy Superintendents, Superintendents,  and Assistant General Superintendents within the MTA Department of Buses, Department of Subways and Department of Support Services.

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Message from the President

Welcome to the United Transit Leadership Organization (UTLO) website. UTLO is the transit union representing Deputy Superintendents, Superintendents, and Assistant General Superintendents within the MTA Departments of Buses, Subways, and Support Services.    

UTLO members proudly provide transportation services for the benefit of millions of people a day within the five boroughs of New York City.

The UTLO’s job is to represent our members by striving for their safety, compensation, health benefits, improved contracts, and job security. The MTA has failed to address the disparities that currently exist for our leaders, and the UTLO is here to voice those concerns and through solidarity bridge these gaps with aggressive collective bargaining.

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UTLO President

Featured News

UTLO makes formal request to legislative leaders for collective bargaining and a bill for MTA Superintendents right to Metro North/LIRR Commuter pass

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Job Security

Job Security. One of the most basic reasons people form and join unions. For decades the most fundamental means of job security has been the negotiation of final and binding arbitration of disciplinary cases... [See Below for more...]

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