Contract Negotiations Update- 18 JAN 2024

January 18, 2024

Yesterday, we were able to present verbal counter-offers to MTA.  The current mood/energy is positive as we continue to negotiate important issues like General Wage Increase, Comp Time reform, and Medical costs. Thank you for your quick response to our request regarding telecommuting options.  

Our next scheduled negotiations meeting is scheduled for 08 FEB 2024.  Before then, UTLO has several submeetings to include:

HR- Medical Benefits cost options

Labor Relations- Managerial discipline issues

Once again, we thank the UTLO membership for their patience as we ensure leadership understands the issues facing Managers at MTA.  UTLO is setting the foundation for positive change for Managers’ work/life balance.  As a reminder, our current contract expired 31 DEC 2021, and we are negotiating pay and benefits from that date to the present.

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